Hindu Wedding – Vidhi Ceremony

Hindu Wedding – Vidhi Ceremony

I enjoy being an asian wedding photographer for so many reasons; especially because two families come together for the sake of two people falling in love. But also to be part of and experience new traditions and cultures.

I remember enjoying every minute of my first church wedding at my school buddy Dave’s wedding. Almost all weddings before that for me were mainly Asian weddings; Sikh weddings in a Gurdwara, Muslim weddings at a mosque, Hindu weddings at a temple. All usually followed by an awesome reception!

So, when I was asked to photograph a Hindu wedding ceremony, I was all over it! I quickly realised attending as an Asian wedding photographer is a whole different ball game to attending as a guest; there are so many traditions and ceremonies of different significance to capture!

Check out the photos below from Gavin’s Haldi (tumeric) ceremony I photographed last year.

The Ceremony

The Vidhi ceremony involves family members applying a paste made up of turmeric, sandalwood, milk, rose water and many other ingredients to the bride and groom’s face, neck, hands and feet (and most of all, on their clothes!). There are many reason for this ceremony including, to ward of evil spirits and for haldi’s beautification, detoxifying and cleansing properties – kind of like a spa day with a blessing😄

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer with a calm and chilled approach taking photos that show your wedding day in all it’s awesomeness, please get in touch (photography@navbadel.co.uk)


Haldi Ceremony - Asian wedding photographer
Haldi Ceremony-Details montage
Haldi Ceremony-28
Haldi Ceremony-39
Haldi Ceremony-38
Haldi Ceremony-40
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Haldi Ceremony-50
Haldi Ceremony-Details montage2
Haldi Ceremony-Details montage4
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  1. Krystian
    February 3, 2022

    Great set of Hindu Wedding – Vidhi Ceremony. I like your composition. Great job!


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