Claire, Ed + Rachel – Portrait Photography

Claire, Ed + Rachel – Portrait Photography

Practice makes perfect, right? No matter what you do, playing drums, baking cakes, taking photos, you’re always learning to perfect your craft. Practice is what makes you better!

So I signed up to the Trained Eye’s ‘The Academy‘ course, designed for aspiring Wedding Photographers, to improve my photography and get some great hands on advice from the UK Wedding industry’s top photographers and all round top blokes – Mike Garrard and David McNeil.

Understanding light and how to use it for great photos underpins everything a photographer is about. This formed the basis of the first module with a chance to practice some portrait shots in the Spring sunshine! I learnt so much and I can’t wait for module two!
London Portrait Photography-2

London Portrait Photography-3

London Portrait Photography-5

London Portrait Photography-6

London Portrait Photography-7


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